Meet Julia and Eileen, a lesbian couple with a considerable age gap

Lesbian YouTube ahe gap couple Julia Zelg, (left), and Eileen De Freest (right)

Julia and Eileen are in a relationship with a considerable age-gap, and they sat down with PinkNews to talk about the good, and not-so-good, parts of being together.

The pair originally met on Tinder, and now their connection has blossomed into a beautiful relationship.

“I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true”, Julia laughs.

“And they sometimes work out”, Eileen playfully adds.

They say the hardest part about being in an age-gap relationship is “everybody else.”

“We don’t even feel the age gap”, Julia shares. “We are totally natural with each other, and it just feels so right, but the only problem is literally all the hate and closed-minded people.”

“Everything else is just like any other relationship.”

The pair have so much in common. They love dining out and just, generally, spending time with each other.

“We love the same things”, Eileen details. “We have a great sense of humour together. It’s really fun.”

Sadly, people do judge their relationship and they do receive a lot of unpleasant comments.

“People judge us without knowing us”, Julia shares. “People sometimes think that I’m using you for money.”

“Yeah, they think I’m a sugar momma”, Eileen laughs.

So, would the couple recommend an age-gap relationship?

Well, it’s neither “here nor there”, but there “is an element of it that we enjoy”, Eileen says. “But it’s the love that we enjoy, and it’s the compatibility. It’s probably enhanced by our age gap in ways that are subtle.”

“As long as it’s legal, why not?”, says Julia, with Eileen adding that although her parents and elder brothers are no longer alive, they’ve received a lot of support from her friends and Julia’s parents, too.

“I think my family wouldn’t be [judgmental], especially my father and brothers. Really pretty accepting.”

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