Life-Size 2 is the bisexual Christmas film of your dreams

A shot from Life-Size 2, a Disney sequel set at Christmas which features a bisexual protagonist

Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve is a much-needed queer festive film, starring a bisexual main character.

The Disney sequel to 2000 film Life-Size—which featured Tyra Banks playing a doll who comes to life to help Lindsay Lohan’s character—once again includes the America’s Got Talent host, this time guiding Grace, a bisexual CEO in her mid-twenties.

Life-Size 2, which can be seen on Freeform or streamed on Hulu, shows Banks’ magical character Eve befriend Grace, whose company Marathon Toys makes the Eve dolls—but not before the pair wake up in the same bed.

Eve, brought to life after Grace chants the same spell used in the first film, is mistaken by our bisexual hero for a sexual partner, with the protagonist asking: “Did we sleep together?” according to Autostraddle.

Tyra Banks and Francia Raisa look at each other in a still from bisexual Christmas film Life-Size 2

The film treats Grace’s bisexual nature as exactly what it is: no big deal (Life-Size 2)

Eve responds: “We sure did, and it was magical!”

Grace tells her that she doesn’t know her name, offers to call her a car and generally behaves as if Eve is a hook-up she got too drunk to remember, but Eve wants to stay and discuss their hopes and fears.

This leads the main character to ask: “Am I your first girl?” which prompts Eve to answer: “Yes!”

The misunderstanding lasts long enough for Grace to reluctantly bring Eve to brunch, where her friends indicate that they’re not surprised with her same-sex plus-one, despite her talking about a man the previous day.

All they’re shocked about is that Eve—who has just become a real-life human and is later subjected to Banks’ iconic “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” line—orders everything on the menu and drinks melted butter.

Fans love that Life-Size 2 is a bisexual Christmas film

The TV film, which comes after news that Kristen Stewart is in talks to star in a lesbian rom com set at Christmas and called Happiest Season, drew enthusiastic responses from viewers who were delighted with its bisexual representation.

“You guys, Life-Size 2 is definitely at least as fun as any other bad Christmas movie you wanna watch this year, but the main character is a pissed-off bisexual which you ain’t gonna find on Lifetime,” wrote one commenter.

Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve INVENTED bisexual representation”

— @amesIRL

They added: “I was surprised at how canonically, openly bisexual the main character of Life-Size 2 was. It wasn’t just played for jokes, it was clearly a considered, real part of her character. It was amazing.”

Another fan said: “y’all i’m watching life-size 2 and i’m like 10-15 min in and eve just woke up in grace’s bed and grace was like did we sleep together and eve not knowing what she meant says yes then grace goes am i your first girl… y’all grace is bisexual that’s rad freeform.”

One person pointed out, correctly, that “it is very important you all know that the main character of Life-Size 2 is a bisexual POC!!”

Others were simply overwhelmed by the fact that Grace is bisexual, with one writing: “life-size 2: a christmas eve INVENTED bisexual representation.”

Another said: “I’m having the night of my life I did not expect this much bisexual representation in the Life-Size 2 movie .”