Anthony Rapp responds to ‘evil’ Kevin Spacey comeback video

Actor Anthony Rapp, who has criticised a film producer for siding with Bryan Singer

Star Trek star Anthony Rapp, the first man to accuse Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, responded to the disgraced actor’s attempt to make a comeback.

On December 24 Kevin Spacey posted a bizarre video to social media, in-character as House of Cards alter ego Frank Underwood, in which he denied the string of sexual assault allegations made against him by men since Rapp first spoke out in October 2017.

The video was widely mocked online, dropping the same day as it emerged that Spacey is set to be charged with indecent assault and battery in relation to an alleged 2016 assault on a teenage boy in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Rent and Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp was apparently enjoying a Christmas break to Thailand with boyfriend Teerakeni when the video dropped.

“I didn’t watch it, nor am I going to.”

— Anthony Rapp

Addressing fans asking him about the video on Twitter, the queer Star Trek actor wrote: “I didn’t watch it, nor am I going to. Thank you for your concern.”

Noting the slew of notifications he had received, primarily from strangers sending him well-wishes, Rapp added: “It’s a lot. But it’s an honor!”

The actor also responded to a message from actor Patricia Arquette, who wrote: “More I’m sure none of the men who were kids at the time of their sexual assaults appreciate @KevinSpacey ‘s weird video. No. Just No.”

Rapp, who was 14 at the time of the alleged assault, replied: “#Truth.”

Eagle-eyed fans also noted that Rapp also liked a string of messages dragging Spacey for the video.

One message liked by the actor reads: “I still haven’t watched that Kevin Spacey video cuz I don’t believe in inviting evil into my home.”

Anthony Rapp attends the Star Trek: Discovery panel during 2017 New York Comic Con

Anthony Rapp attends the Star Trek: Discovery panel during 2017 New York Comic Con (Dia Dipasupil/Getty)

Another adds: “I watched it and its safe to say that he’s not just lost his marbles, he’s glued them to a Frisbee and tossed them over a rainbow. No empathy or self awareness. No redemption.”

A further message liked by Rapp, from actor Ellen Barkin, reads: “Kevin Spacey is sending a very disturbing message as he chastises his audience… if you hypocrites loved me as a murderer, why won’t you love me as a sex offender? Maybe because Frank Underwood’s crimes are fiction and Kevin Spacey’s are not.”

Anthony Rapp alleged that Kevin Spacey climbed on top of him when he was 14

In October 2017, at the height of the #MeToo movement, Anthony Rapp went public with allegations that Spacey had attempted to sexually assault him in 1986, when Rapp was a child actor aged 14.

He claimed Spacey invited him to a party at his New York apartment, and while drunk, tried to seduce him by climbing on top of him.

Spacey apologised to Rapp over his allegation in October 2017, saying he could not remember the incident.

While addressing Rapp’s accusations in a statement, Spacey also came out as gay.

He was widely criticised by the LGBT+ community for coming out as gay in the same statement he used to respond to Rapp’s sexual misconduct claims.

Since Rapp’s claim, dozens of other sexual misconduct allegations have been made against Spacey.