This family proves having lesbian mothers is wonderful

Lesbian mothers and their children

Lesbian mothers Ebony and Denise met on MySpace—now they’re married with three children and proving LGBT parenting is a wonderful thing.

“Having loving parents—whether it’s a single parent, same-sex parenting or mother/dad parenting—it doesn’t matter, as long as children are raised with love,” the lesbian mothers told PinkNews.

The lesbian couple have been together for 12 years and have three children together—Olivia, six, and twin boys Jayden and Lucas, who are 18 months old.

Watch the video below to see how they became a family:

“Ebony and I met on back in the day. Basically I pretty much slipped in her DMs and asked her to be my friend, and the rest is history,” Denise told PinkNews.

“12 years later, eight years married, three kids later—that one message on MySpace is what brought us together,” Ebony added.

LGBT parenting: Lesbian mothers

Ebony carried their daughter, Olivia, and Denise carried their twin sons.

“We want her to feel and know that this is completely just as normal as kids who do have a mum and dad,” Ebony explained.

“What we say to people who feel as though same-sex parenting is wrong is pretty much: why? Why do you feel that it is wrong?”

“Our parenting is no different to any other parent.”

— Proud lesbian mother, Ebony

Ebony and Denise say they started their YouTube channel, Team2Moms, to create a positive example of LGBT parenting.

They wanted to show that “there is no difference based on the make-up of our family and how our parenting is no different to any other parent.”

The best thing about having two mums? “That they love me,” said six-year-old Olivia.

Watch the video above to see how they became a family.