Piers Morgan attacks Ellen DeGeneres for supporting Kevin Hart on Oscars

Piers Morgan criticised Ellen DeGeneres for calling on Kevin Hart to be allowed to host the Oscars

Piers Morgan has accused Ellen DeGeneres of “hypocrisy” after she revealed she had urged the Academy to allow Kevin Hart to host the Oscars.

The Good Morning Britain presenter tweeted sarcastically on Friday (January 4) that DeGeneres’ move to get Hart reinstated despite his anti-gay posts was “very big of her.

“Liberal celebrity hypocrisy is such a limitless vibe”

— Piers Morgan

“Of course, if Trump had said the homophobic things Kevin Hart tweeted,” continued Morgan, “Ellen would have led the furious unforgiving ‘woke’ rage against him.

“Liberal celebrity hypocrisy is such a limitless vibe,” he added.

Piers Morgan's tweet attacking Ellen DeGeneres for supporting Kevin Hart's Oscars hosting bid

Piers Morgan accused Ellen DeGeneres of “hypocrisy” (piersmorgan/twitter)

Eight minutes later, Morgan tweeted a follow-up post, saying: “Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe @KevinHart4real should host the Oscars—everyone should be allowed to evolve their views, and he clearly has.

“But Ellen would never be so tolerant if Trump had said those things.”

People point out to Piers Morgan that Kevin Hart isn’t president

The response on Twitter was hostile towards Morgan, who has in recent times repeatedly attacked non-binary people on his ITV show and Twitter.

Many said that Hart and Trump weren’t comparable, considering that one is a stand-up comic and the other is the leader of the free world.

“One’s the president, the other’s a comedian,” tweeted one such commenter.

Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres chat about the Oscars on The Ellen DeGeneres show

Ellen DeGeneres urged Kevin Hart to reconsider his withdrawal from hosting the Oscars, which Piers Morgan objected to (EllenTube)

A different user called Morgan “kwasea”—which translates as ‘idiot’ in Twi, a dialect spoken in Ghana—before telling the British presenter that “one is a comedian and the other is the president of the United States of America.”

Another person said: “What a time. An American President compared to a comedian in order to point out perceived hypocrisy. All from one person’s comment.”

One tweeter wrote that at least Hart had apologised for his past remarks, saying: “Difference is Kevin has admitted he was wrong for those… Trump would never admit he was wrong.”

Morgan responded to these comments, tweeting: “Homophobia’s homophobia. Doesn’t matter who spews it.”

Ellen DeGeneres explains why she’s defending Kevin Hart

DeGeneres filmed an hour-long interview with the comedian in a bid to persuade her viewers—and Hart himself—that he should reverse his decision to quit the Oscars.

In clips published on her Twitter account and in Variety, she told Hart that his critics would “win if you don’t host.”

She added: “Don’t let those people win. Host the Oscars.”

DeGeneres, who was identified as the most admired LGBT+ person in the US in a Gallup poll released last month, also tweeted: “I believe in forgiveness. I believe in second chances. And I believe in Kevin Hart.”

The TV presenter, who has twice hosted the Oscars herself, also launched a hashtag to support Hart, writing: “In this conversation, @KevinHart4real was authentic and real, and I’m in his corner. #OscarsNeedHart.”

At the end of the interview, Hart said: “Leaving here I promise you I’m evaluating this conversation.

He added: “This is a conversation I needed to have, I’m glad I had it here. I’m glad it’s as authentic and real as I could’ve hoped it would be.”