RuPaul ‘banned’ Manila Luzon period pad dress on Drag Race All Stars 4

Manila Luzon was prevented from wearing her 'period' dress on All Stars 4

Drag Race All Stars 4 contestant Manila Luzon has revealed a look that was deemed too outrageous for TV.

The drag artist is appearing on the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, which is currently airing on VH1.

In the episode that aired on January 4, Luzon wore a Chanel-inspired padded pink outfit for the ‘Curves and Swerves’ runway challenge.

The dress got a warm reception from the judges, but it turns out it was not what Luzon originally planned for the challenge.

Manila Luzon revealed the Drag Race All Stars 4 dress in an Instagram post

Manila Luzon revealed the Drag Race All Stars 4 dress in an Instagram post

Taking to Instagram, the reality star revealed another outfit she had created to fit the theme, but was banned by RuPaul.

The red dress that Luzon had wanted to wear is adorned with a giant white menstrual pad, adorned with a large amount of faux blood.

Manila Luzon ‘told not to wear’ menstrual pad dress

In the Instagram post, Manila Luzon wrote: “Ru said my ORIGINAL Curves & Swerves Runway look was in ‘bad taste’ and production told me to wear my back up.

“I was really looking forward to wearing this gown that I think celebrates a perfectly normal human experience!”

She added: “Many of my fans are young women who may feel pressured by society to be embarrassed by periods.

“It’s empowering to teach young women about their bodies, encourage them to celebrate them AND to question people who tell them not to. My goal with this look was to normalize menstruation by looking sick’ning even if I was on my period!”

Luzon added: “Instead, i decided to wear the beautiful quilted dress you saw in the episode because it is not my show, it’s Ru’s.

“But because of Ru, I have my very own platform to speak for myself and show you all my interpretation! ❤️”

RuPaul was challenged about transgender comments

The dress is not the only thing to not make the edit on the latest season of All Stars.

Transgender contestant Gia Gunn recently revealed that she confronted RuPaul about trans issues on camera, but the moment was left out the show.

Gunn had challenged RuPaul for comments in March 2018 suggesting that post-transition trans women should be barred from competing on Drag Race and comparing them to athletes taking steroids.

In an interview with the Race Chaser podcast, Gunn said: “I did [talk to RuPaul]. Of course it wasn’t aired… which was a little disappointing. I very well knew that none of that was going to air because the show is not about making her look anything but great.

“I had a hard time on the show because I did exchange words with her.

“I felt completely disregarded. I didn’t feel acknowledged. I didn’t feel wanted, to be there in the competition.

“Truthfully it really hurt my feelings and I had a really big breakdown in between sets and I was just like, ‘If I’m getting this feeling from her and I don’t feel very welcome, then what the f**k am I doing here?’”