Antoni Porowski as Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s third wheel is a gay meme

Queer Eye memes, gay meme: Antoni Porowski attends the 2018 Netflix Primetime Emmys After Party at NeueHouse Hollywood on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has been turned into a meme after he was the third wheel to Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s passionate make-out session.

Antoni was just trying to enjoy a New York Rangers ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday (March 3) when Beckinsale and Davidson decided to get hot and heavy—in the seats right next to him.

His subsequent desperate attempts to look away—at the game, in the opposite direction, at seemingly absolutely anything else—were captured and shared on Twitter as a relatable meme.

After all, we’ve all been the third wheel to an unfortunate public display of affection by a straight couple.

Antoni Porowski attracts sympathy from fans of the Queer Eye star

Tweets poured in from concerned fans.

One wrote: “Light a candle for Antoni Porowski, Patron Saint of Gay Third Wheels everywhere.”

Another questioned “what in the avocado-loving hell” Antoni had done to deserve such a terrible fate.

“Someone please save Antoni” was a common sentiment, with another user commenting: “Antoni really deserves better than this.”

People also found solace in the Queer Eye fan favourite’s awkward reactions.

“I have never felt as represented in the media as I do by @antoni totally disassociating from the straight couple sucking face next to him,” wrote one commenter.

A different tweeter said: “facebook just showed me this nice memory of me at high school parties.”

And another user wrote: “this pic of antoni as a big third wheeling mood!!!!”

Antoni has reacted to the meme, quote-tweeting Queer Eye‘s post about its “post-season 3 trailer mooooddd .”

He wrote: “Love this pic where’d you find it, guys?!”

Queer Eye memes: Antoni Porowski has already set the internet ablaze

The Fab Five member has been a figure of fun before, with fans creating Queer Eye memes and jokes about his supposed lack of prowess in the kitchen.

A common refrain, referenced in this very meme by someone who said Antoni was “100 percent thinking ’bout avocados,” has been that the star is only able to make guacamole.

Antoni Porowski, who has become the subject of one of many Queer Eye memes, demonstrates preparing a signature dish as he attends Boursin Friendsgiving at Home Studios on November 7, 2018 in New York City.

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski received sympathy from people online. (Dave Kotinsky/Getty)

These accusations have been rejected by Antoni himself. He even released a cookbook last year, showing the haters that he’s not limited to avocado-based dishes.

Antoni also set on the internet on fire when he tweeted a thirst-inducing post with an obscure Italian term.

The Canadian star tweeted a nearly-naked photo of himself in underwear while telling his fans he was posing “contrapposto”—leaving numerous fans befuddled.

It turns out that contrapposto means counterpoise—that is, an image of someone who is placing most of their weight on one leg.