Trans teen left with head injury after being attacked in school changing room

Changing rooms representing a changing room where a trans teenager was attacked

A trans teenager from Grimsby was left with a severe concussion and boot marks on her head after being assaulted by a girl as she tried to go to the school changing room.

Coron Kraatz, 15, was assaulted by another student on March 19 as she walked to a school changing room for a PE lesson at Oasis Academy Wintringham, reports GrimsbyLive.

Kraatz was reportedly assaulted by the 15-year-old pupil because of her gender identity.

Trans student is attacked because of her gender identity

She was grabbed by the girl, who smashed her head on the ground and stamped on her face.

A teacher stopped the attack by pulling the student off Kraatz.

Kraatz was taken to hospital where she was treated for bruising and severe concussion.

“This is the third time that my daughter has been attacked by vicious bullies.”

—Coron Kraatz’s mother

The assault also worsened her anxiety and Kraatz reported that she is worried about her safety when leaving the house.

It is reportedly the third time Kraatz has been assaulted because of her gender identity.

She was previously attacked in a local park and on her way home from school.

School excludes student for attacking trans classmate

Kraatz’s mum Suzanne told GrimsbyLive: “This is the third time that my daughter has been attacked by vicious bullies.”

She added: “A teacher even told us that if they did not intervene at the right time then it could have been too late, as the girl was stamping down on the temple of her head.”

School where trans student was attacked

Kraatz’s mother has praised the school for its response to the assault. (Oasis Academy Wintringham)

Suzanne praised Oasis Academy Wintringham, which has permanently excluded the other student, for its response to the assault.

She said that the school was also working to phase Kraatz back into school.

The school have also reportedly asked Kraatz’s mother for advice on how they can teach pupils about trans and LGBT+ issues.