Ruby Rose’s lesbian Batwoman gets her own show on the CW

Ruby Rose's Batwoman will be given her own series.

The CW has ordered Batwoman to series.

A pilot for the series was ordered in January, but no details were released as yet about when the show will air.

A teaser posted on Tuesday (May 7) on the Twitter page for the show only indicates a cryptic “coming soon.”

The DC Comics out lesbian superhero—the first openly LGBT+ live-action superhero to lead its own show—is played by Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose, who identifies as lesbian and gender fluid.

The Australian actress made a successful debut as Kate Kane in December’s CW “Elseworlds” crossover event.

The crossover event also featured The Flash‘s Barry Allen, Arrow‘s Oliver Queen and Supergirl’s alter ego Kara Danvers, whom fans have already identified as a possible partner for Batwoman.

Ruby Rose as Batwoman in The CW's Arrowverse 2018 crossover episode

Ruby Rose will have the chance to ensure that Batwoman gets a full series (The CW)

Some Batwoman fans excitedly reacted to the news. “I’ve been looking forward to this since the crossover, Kate Kane is my favorite superhero and Ruby Rose did an awesome job. Rock on Batwoman,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Can’t wait! She was awesome in Elseworlds, and Kate has always been criminally underrated! I’m really glad more people are going to get to know her, and how great a hero she really is!” another one reacted.

Others reacted less positively. The show has been splitting opinions since it was announced Rose would play Batwoman as some criticised her acting skills.

The star appeared upset at the negative comments appeared visibly upset about the negative responses, hitting back at critics repeatedly before deleting her Twitter account entirely.

Ruby Rose reacts to news of upcoming Batwoman series

Rose is still active on Instagram, where she shared her joy at the news of The CW’s decision.

“I suddenly woke up at 4 am and in checking the time… came to discover BATWOMAN IS COMING TO THE CW IN FALL!!! I can’t thank everyone involved enough, and will not attempt to, until I am properly awake,” she wrote, before correcting herself over the release date.

She added: “I’m pretty sure I made up that it’s coming in Fall. I have no idea when it’s coming. Ignore me. Your regular programming will return after this commercial break and by break I meant coffee.”

Along with Batwoman, The CV has also ordered Katy Keene, a spinoff of Riverdale, based on the Archie Comics character played by Lucy Hale. According to Variety, the show will follow Katy as she chases her musical dreams.

It will feature various artists trying to make it in Broadway, including performer Jorge Lopez and his drag queen alter ego, Ginger, played by Penny Dreadful‘s Jonny Beauchamp.