Female masturbation video: Queer women share their funny stories

Lyra and Sadie chat about female masturbation (PinkNews)

Wanking, rubbing one out, flicking the bean—whatever you call it, female masturbation has long been a taboo topic.

To break the stigma, four queer women share their embarrassing stories and experiences trying sex toys in a video about female masturbation.

Sadie, Lyra, Heather and Shelley discuss how they first found out that female masturbation was actually a thing, and they review sex toys from LELO.

Female masturbation video

Watch the video below:

How did you discover female masturbation was a thing?

“I was a pillow humper,” admits Sadie. “I didn’t masturbate with a toy until my early twenties but from a very young age I was able to sense pleasure.

“It was quite an innate thing for me to sit on the pile of laundry once it was done–until my mum chased me off.”

“I was very late to the game,” says Shelley, who found out what masturbation was after her friends started talking about it.

“I knew that guys touched themselves and men did masturbation things,” says Heather, who teaches consent workshops.

Heather discovered women masturbate too when reading a “really gross men’s magazine.”

Lyra found out about female masturbation after reading Mills & Boon romance novels in the library.

“It’s made for like really old ladies. There was a character who masturbated and I was like: ‘Oh rah, we can actually do this.’

“I just thought calling someone a w***** was just an insult.”


As masturbation is good for our health, Sadie, Lyra, Heather and Shelley also reviewed some sex toys from LELO.

Lyra tested out the Sona Cruise, which she says was “probably the best toy I’ve ever used” in the last couple of years.

Sadie tried out LELO’s Alia toy, which “gives you little kisses.”

“Basically, you know when someone is going down on you and they just don’t know what they’re doing? And it’s like they’re licking the same spot with such intense vigour, it starts to become unfun? Alia won’t do that to you.”

Heather tested the Hula Beads and Shelley reviewed the Lily 2—watch the video above to see how they rate the toys.

If, like many gay and bisexual people, you’re now a pro when it comes to masturbation knowledge but still unsure how lesbians have sex, we have a funny video to answer all your embarrassing questions.