Couple attacked on London bus say Boris Johnson is unfit to be PM

Melania Geymonat and Chris spoke to Channel 4 News in the wake of the attack

The couple who suffered a homophobic attack on a London bus have said they hope Boris Johnson is not the next Prime Minister.

Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris were attacked by a group of men on a north London bus in the early hours of May 30, after refusing to kiss for their entertainment.

A photo of the couple covered in blood after the incident went viral, and they received a flood of attention and warm wishes.

Couple who suffered homophobic attack: Hate crimes not a surprise

However, speaking to Channel 4 News on Friday (June 14), they made clear that hate crimes are “not a surprise” in 2019 and that just “because we have gotten a lot of attention for it doesn’t mean it’s not happening elsewhere.”

They also spoke about the record of Conservative leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson, who has previously come under fire for referring to gay people as ” tank-topped bum boys,” comparing gay weddings to “three men and a dog,” and joking about men taking it “up the Arcelor.”

Speaking to Channel 4 News about the prospect of Johnson becoming the next Prime Minister, Chris said: “I do not think that Boris Johnson is fit to lead anything, much less the United Kingdom.”

Responding to his history of anti-LGBT comments, she added: “I think it is also very much aligned with the global political climate of today. He is not the only one ascending to power with his views and his ideology.

“He is but one person in a growing climate.”

Boris Johnson says he will ‘continue to champion’ LGBT+ rights

Johnson, the former Mayor of London, has supported LGBT+ rights reforms including equal marriage despite his own past anti-LGBT jokes.

In a statement to the Conservative Party’s LGBT+ group, he said: “If I am lucky enough to be elected Conservative leader, I pledge that my administration will not consider this issue as ‘job done’.

Two women on a bus covered in blood condemned Boris Johnson

Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris were hate crime victims left bloodied on a London night bus. (Facebook)

“I will continue to champion LGBT+ equality, get tough on hate crime and ensure that we break down barriers to a fairer society.”

He added: “I hope to work closely with LGBT+ Conservatives, should I be elected leader, and will continue to champion a Government which believes in equality, fairness and freedom to love for all.”

Data shows that reports of hate crimes against LGBT+ people in England and Wales have more than doubled over the past four years.