London Underground station has the very best message for Pride

Today (July 6) thousands of people took to the streets of London to celebrate Pride.

30,000 people officially took part in the march, while thousands more turned out to watch.

Mayor of London lead the way with notable trans-inclusive lesbian network ‘L with the T,’ and shone a light on how far the community has come since the Stonewall uprising. He also laid out that the battle is not won and “the fight isn’t over yet.” 

I want to wish everyone a very happy Pride,” he said in a video message for PinkNews. “This year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and a reminder of how much has been achieved for LGBT+ equality over those five decades.

Don’t be afraid to be honest about who you are, and to yourself always be true.

“Legalisation of homosexuality, abolition of Section 28, equalisation of the age of consent, and equal marriage. But prejudice and violence remain a reality for far too many. So the fight isn’t over yet.”

London Underground also aligned themselves with the Mayor’s message that love it love, as a notice board was erected at Canada Water station with an important message for Pride.

“Having an open mind and an open heart is a good place to start,” it read.

“When everyone is treated as equals, we are more free; this would would be better if we made an effort to be more understanding.

“Be proud, love is loud, so let everyone see. When people see you stand up for your rights, may others stand up with you.

“Don’t be afraid to be honest about who you are, and to yourself always be true.

“Love is love and it has no gender, so let’s not pretend that being different is a lifestyle choice; those who have no acceptance are the ones with the problems.

“Express yourself and use the power of your voice to celebrate the diversity of humanity, and together let’s march side by side; be who you are, don’t be scared of coming out.

“Taste the rainbow and stand tall with pride.”