Mumsnet users boycott Co-op over strawberries ad featuring trans woman

Update: The discussion thread referenced in this article has been deleted by the Mumsnet moderation team.

British supermarket group Co-op is being boycotted by Mumsnet users who are offended that the chain ran an advert for strawberries featuring a transgender woman.

The 30-second advert shows a trans woman sat at a dressing table, in front of make-up paraphernalia, uncapping a bottle of red glitter that falls and transforms into a punnet of fresh strawberries.

The caption states that money from sales of the strawberries will go to LGBT+ organisations and Trans Pride.

“Well I definitely won’t be buying strawberries, or anything, else from the Co-op any more,” said one Mumsnet user.

“Why strawberries? Couldn’t it have been something more appropriate, like a banana?” another user queried.

In response, the original poster said, “Banana would’ve been too suggestive no doubt. But the idea of the individual sprinkling glitter and it transforming into a lovely banana has made me smile!”

“It could also be seen as a subtext quite appropriate for the new style transwoman. I’m a beautiful woman, suck my dick if you dare disagree,” she wrote.

In a statement to PinkNews Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts said: “Characterising the situation as a boycott is stretching the point — just six users (out of around 10 million monthly uniques) said they would be avoiding the Coop as a result.”

Co-op strawberries helping to fund LGBT+ organisations

The text caption of a shorter, 15-second version of the advert on Twitter says, “Co-op strawberries are special because money goes towards Trans Pride, helps bring LGBT+ people together to celebrate that we’re here and we deserve to be loved.”

A Mumsnet user whose handle is Zofloramummy began the discussion on Sunday (July 7) by saying that she was watching Harry Potter with her “DD” (darling daughter) when the Co-op ad came on, “Advertising that every strawberry you buy helps fund trans projects.”

“FFS,” she said. “I like the co op, I like their fair trade ethics. Now I can’t buy from them because I do not support the current mass delusion that trans woman are women and that my and my daughters rights are less important than theirs.”

“Feminism is the fight for liberation, not equality. Transwomen are not the same as me, they’re male,” said another Mumsnet user.

Mumsnet user to Co-op: ‘Enjoy the woke cookies’

Other Mumsnet users were quick to join in.

“‘Every strawberry supports LGBT+ to help us all love each other,” Aspley said. “Oh, I see, help them love everyone apart from those pesky lesbians who say no to penises?”

“Thanks Co-Op nice one. Enjoy the woke cookies.”

Screenshot from Mumset.

Another said, “Glitter = female? F**k you, co-op. You’ve lost this customer. When these dimbots see sales dip after every bit of trans BS they pump out, they’ll learn.”

A spokesperson for Co-op said, “We’re proud of the work we do to support the LGBT+ community, from campaigning for equal rights to raising money that supports various causes via our Local Community Fund.

“The Local Community Fund gives back to over 4,000 local causes each year. Since the fund’s launch in 2016, Co-op members have raised £40,000,000 simply from buying Co-op products. The causes that benefit from the fund are chosen by our members and some of these causes have been featured in our latest adverts.

“This advert features our British strawberries and a LGBT+ cause, Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation, which receives support from the Local Community Fund.

“Co-op will continue to support causes such as Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation and act as an ally to the LGBT+ communities across the county.”

Screenshot from Mumsnet.

Mumsnet stance on anti-trans posts

In 2018, Mumsnet issued a new moderation policy after receiving criticism for a surge of anti-trans rhetoric on the site.

The statement introducing the new guidelines began by saying that Mumsnet stood “in solidarity” with oppressed minorities while being “committed to freedom of speech.”

The guidelines clarified that: “We don’t allow posts which are derogatory or aggressive towards trans people.”

PinkNews has reached out to Mumsnet for comment but did not receive a response by time of publication.