Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Burnett destroys haters after coming out as ‘queer queen’

Demi Burnett

Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Burnett has hit back at the haters sending her ‘homophobic’ tweets after she came out as queer.

Burnett came out in a trailer for the upcoming sixth season of reality TV show Bachelor in Paradise, which is a spin-off of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

The teaser shows her kissing a mystery woman after saying, “I don’t care who sees this.”

She goes on to say: “I know that I love this girl. I’m just so happy that I found her, and I can definitely picture being with her for the rest of my life.”

It’s a groundbreaking step for the show, which until now has only featured straight couples.

After the trailer aired Burnett confirmed her sexuality in a tweet, proudly declaring herself to be “a queer queen.”

While most of her fans were supportive of Burnett’s sexuality, she received a significant amount of pushback from some who were not happy with the show’s new direction.

One wrote: “This is the first season I WILL NOT watch BIP due to the same sex disgusting behaviour on screen.”

Burnett simply replied: “The moment you described the relationship as disgusting is the moment you claimed yourself as homophobic.”

One viewer, @Cayleegnea, took to Twitter to tell Burnett she was a “f****t queen” – but Burnett remained undaunted.

As the person included her full name in the message, Burnett’s followers were able to find out her employer and expose the ‘homophobic’ comments.

Although the employer initially claimed she’d been hacked, they later confirmed that after further investigation, she had been sacked.

They wrote: “We do not condone any type of hate speech or behaviour in our salon, as we do our best to walk in love.”

Burnett was unfazed by the abuse she received, tweeting thanks to her fans: “My DMs are so blown up with love that y’all have drowned out all the hate. It’s 3am and I’m going to bed with a smile on my face.”

The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere on August 5 on ABC.