First ever Welsh BAME Pride held in Cardiff by Glitter Cymru

A Pride event for the black, Asian and ethnic minority LGBT+ community was held in Cardiff yesterday (August 10) – a first for Wales.

The event was organised by Glitter Cymru, a Cardiff BAME LGBT+ social group that started in 2016, and was attended by over 70 people.

“We wanted to create a community engagement event that really showcased BAME LGBT+ voices, identities and talents in Wales,” Vish, the chair and founder of Glitter Cymru, told PinkNews.

“As BAME LGBT+ people we aren’t that visible in society or in the media. For many of us, this can feel isolating.

“We wanted to work on that with our event and proudly declare that BAME LGBT+ people exist.”

BAME Pride was held in the Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff and included a panel discussion, performances and food.

Cardiff event helped BAME LGBT+ people feel valid

Vish told PinkNews that it was important to create this space because “BAME LGBT+ experience discrimination from people from the wider LGBT+ community.”

“So many times we as BAME LGBT+ people are not sure where we fit in, which can cause anxiety and mental well being issues,” they said.

“Groups like Glitter Cymru and the spaces they provide give acknowledgment that being BAME LGBT+ is valid.”

Stonewall research in 2018 highlighted how rife racism is in the LGBT+ community, finding that 51% of BAME LGBT+ people experienced discrimination and poor treatment from the wider LGBT+ community.

This figure increases to 61% for black LGBT+ people.
“Glitter Cymru provides BAME LGBT+ people in South Wales with a safe space to be themselves and a place not to be judged,” Vish said.

The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Daniel De’Ath​, attended Glitter Cymru’s event.

De’Ath is the first Lord Mayor of black heritage of Cardiff, Wales’ capital city.

Pride Cymru, Wales’ LGBT+ Pride event, takes place on the bank holiday weekend of August 23 to 25.