Gay man’s romantic proposal goes viral for all the right reasons

This gay man’s overjoyed reaction to his partner’s surprise proposal is sure to be the most romantic thing you’ll see all day.

Naisa Lasalosi, a singer and songwriter who has performed on X Factor Australia, went viral after posting two videos of his fiancé Adam Price’s proposal on Twitter.

The video shows Price leading Lasalosi down a path scattered with rose petals to the location of their first date — a secluded clifftop spot he’d decorated with cushions, blankets and fairy lights.

He initially thought the romantic gesture wasn’t for him, commenting: “Baby there’s someone having dinner down there!”

But when his partner responds, “It’s for us…” Lasalosi gasps in disbelief. “No… you serious?” he asks.

Lasalosi is left speechless as they approach the romantic spot. Price pops the all-important question and his delighted partner sobs with happiness.

The couple then watch the sun set over the sea before sharing a romantic meal together under the stars.

Posting on Instagram, Lasalosi wrote: “Yes! And yes again x 1000000. I love you A. I love everything about you. My heart leaps! Happy is an understatement. Cheers to forever catching the sun and sleeping under stars together @adam.price02. I love you again and again.”

Two videos of the proposal have been shared nearly 50,000 times on Twitter by people who are thrilled to see such a positive story of gay love.


Lasalosi told PinkNews: “Me and Adam are both surprised at the reaction of the video.

“It was only intended for friends and family, but I woke up the next morning after posting the video and it had surpassed 1 million views.”

In celebration of their engagement, Lasalosi has written a song dedicated to his fiancé which you can hear on Spotify.

Congratulations to the happy couple — the bar has never been higher.