Gay guy’s response to a girl asking for his phone number goes viral – for obvious reasons

A reddit user (L) asked out her café crush and got, well, crushed when he came out as gay to her in the best way. (Reddit)

Building up the courage to ask a crush out is a big deal, especially when it’s that dreamy barista behind the coffeeshop counter.

But one girl who did what so many fear to do – actually ask out that barista – has gone viral in a Reddit post simply titled: “Why does this happen to me?”

A user called jelly_ni opened the glass door at her local Starbucks to find an empty café and a single man waving at her.

Videoing from her mobile phone, she and the barista exchange an adorable handshake before ordering her coffee.

She goes to sit and wait for her order, but while doing so, plucks up the courage to ask him for his number.

“Can I have your number?” she scribbled down on a Starbucks napkin and even doodled a heart beneath the message.

The user recorded herself sliding her heartfelt message over the counter to the barista.

He picks it up, and she filmed herself nervously watching him jot a message down.

Strolling towards her table, he slid the napkin back with his reply.

“I’m gay…”

“At least you tried”: The internet finds its new hero.

Upvotes poured in as the user’s post tallied more than 2,300 in less than a day.

Some Reddit users asked why the guy didn’t provide it anyway – “could’ve made a great friendship” – while others admired the barista’s handwriting.

The clip was later re-posted onto Twitter and it went viral just as quickly, drawing in 900,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Some Twitter users echoed Reddit by forming a handwriting appreciation society.

Other mediated on the universal experience of, ‘Do they like me, or are they just doing their job?’

Overall, people praised her for having the brazen courage to do what so many could never: