Holly Willoughby bombarded with anti-LGBT hate after backing inclusive education

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was attacked over her pro-LGBT stance

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby is facing trolling online after posting a message in support of LGBT-inclusive education.

The TV presenter showed her support for LGBT+ charity Stonewall on her Instagram page, writing: “Now is the time to speak up for LGBT-inclusive education. Different Families. Same Love.”

The message attracted a tidal wave of anti-LGBT responses.

Trolls vow to boycott ‘disgusting’ Holly Willoughby

One person wrote: “Leave kids alone, stop brainwashing them. Let them be children. This is disgusting”

Another added: “I won’t be watching this morning anymore, I won’t shop in [sponsorship partner] Marks and Spencer’s anymore, I won’t buy garnier anymore.

“Holly don’t you dare preach about this! So disgusted in you.”

One fan responded: “This is disgusting!! My son will NEVER go to a school where they teach this stuff as normal!

“If it comes to it he will be home schooled. What Britain is turning in to is absolutely frightening.”

Holly Willoughby seen at the ITV Studios  on June 28, 2018 in London, England.

Holly Willoughby seen at the ITV Studios on June 28, 2018 in London, England. (HGL/Getty)

Anther Instagram user wrote: “This post is disgusting let kids be kids stop forcing situations on them.”

Yet another reply claimed: “Transgenderism is a mental illness, and normalising it only screws up impressionable young minds”

Cranking out an old classic, one troll went for: “It’s Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve ??‍♂️”

LGBT+ parents thanked This Morning presenter for her stance

Amid the tidal wave of anti-LGBT messages, some people thanked Willoughby for her stance.

One female fan wrote: “My 10 year old daughter was bullied at school for me being married to a woman and in this century it is just not acceptable!

“People need to get over it because nobody is going to stop being gay because other people don’t like it.

“Children at the appropriate age need to be taught that you are free to love who you want, not live by the small mindedness of the small population who don’t like it, they probably don’t even like themselves!?”

Another respondent wrote:  “I love you for loving us. Two Dads and a son through adoption is still a family. Families come in all different forms.

“Society for our children’s futures are in our hands. Raise your children to be inclusive of anyone’s family… children are not born with hate inside them. It’s bred by the parents.”

Willoughby’s support for inclusive education come after renewed protests at UK schools.

Elsewhere this week, the BBC reportedly received more than 1,200 complaints after it aired a same-sex wedding on long-running religious show Songs of Praise.