Boris Johnson pledges all young LGBT people will ‘feel safe at school’ in welcoming statement to PinkNews Awards

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has told the PinkNews Awards that all LGBT+ children should “feel safe” at school.

In a video message to the annual event in Westminster on Wednesday, the prime minister said he is “immensely proud to live in and to be prime minister of one of the most progressive countries in the world, the most liberal countries in the world as far as LGBT equality is concerned”.

Boris Johnson: I’m going to make sure every young person feels safe.

He made clear: “As prime minister, I’m gonna make sure that every young person feels safe at school and that teachers reflect Britain as it is, in all its diversity because that is to the advantage of our country.”

His comments about education come after months of protests against LGBT-inclusive education at schools in Birmingham.

New guidance on sex and relationship education in England is already set to come into effect from 2020.

Johnson also said: “It’s no surprise therefore that the UK has been made co-chair of the equal rights coalition or that in May next year, London will play host to an international conference on LGBT equality.”

Prime Minister: There’s a painfully large gap between laws and lived experience.

Addressing the event, Johnson continued: “You don’t need me to tell you that there is still a long, long way to go.

“And there’s still a painfully large gap between what the law says should happen and the lived experience of LGBT people across the UK.

“That has to change and it is changing and the fact that it’s changing is thanks in no small part to the people here tonight.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a video message to the PinkNews Awards

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a video message to the PinkNews Awards

“The campaigners, and the leaders and the supporters and the educators who make such a difference to so many lives yet all too often do not get the credit they deserve.”

Unlike his predecessor Theresa May, the prime minister did not address transgender rights in his message, after reports that planned reforms to gender recognition laws have been shelved.

This is the seventh annual PinkNews Awards, sponsored by Amazon, and taking place at Church House, headquarters of the Church of England.