A Twitter troll tried to femme-shame a young boy and it backfired in a way that’ll warm your heart

A Twitter troll tried to takedown a child for simply being themselves, and Twitter fought back. (Twitter)

Every now and then, Twitter becomes less of a place where we lament our doomed, burning planet, and turns into a somewhere we can celebrate people for being themselves.

And a troll’s attempt at femme-shaming a fabulously fierce and fiercely fabulous young boy completely backfired, bringing Twitter together to cheer on this kid’s amazing style.

A user called Bentley woke up one day and decided to shame a child simply for living their best life.

The boy, wearing a cropped pink ‘But Why?’ t-shirt, high waisted jeans with a beaded belt, a small handbag, and powered pink slip-ons, stares intensively at the camera.

“If this was your son,” Bentley asked Twitter, “what would you do?”

‘I love all the responses in this thread’: Twitter shows faith in humanity has not perished. 

The tweet – which has actually been done before quite a few times by equally original trolls – prompted LGBT+ people and allies to flood Bentley’s mentions with supportive comments and praise for the boy.

As one user bluntly answered Bentley’s question: “Still love him, tf [the f**k]?”

“Phone a few friend and we bout to go shopping so he can step his swag up,” a user said. “Ain’t no half way nothing and I’m fashion challenged in this department so we getting them experts.”

Most of Twitter were eager to drop the kid a line to ask him for fashion advice, or to give him “some type of accessory to give that fit a little dazzle dazzle”.

Petition to get this boy on the cover of GQ, please.

“Ask him: ‘So, where are we going?'” said a user.

Another made the accurate point: “I would report accounts posting their pics for reactions.”

Brew those tea emojis.

One user summarised: “I love all the responses in this thread, y’all gone be some supportive a** parents, I stan.”

Seriously, does it get anymore warningly parental than the user who replied: “Make sure he gotta jacket just in case it get cold.”

Or: “Send him back in the house and tell him to hit that shirt with an iron cause what we not bout to be is wrinkled.”

Stanning the boy and the responses is just a legal obligation at this point.

Alongside finding a way to unite these two style icons together for their first magazine front-page spread?