Royal Marine’s son comes out as gay and his reaction will warm your heart

A former Royal Marine’s recently came out as gay to him, and his reaction on social media had users gushing about his parenting skills.

Jack – known only by the Twitter handle @jackp593 online – took to his official account on Friday 16 August to say: “My son told me he was gay last night and I’ve never felt so happy for him and proud of him!” And if that’s not sweet enough, he finished the tweet off with a rainbow flag emoji.

As of Sunday 18 August, the tweet has received more than 10,000 likes, been retweeted almost 400 times and had several replies on it, most of which describe Jack as a “brilliant” father.

“You won’t know the positive impact your acceptance and love for him will have on him and his sexuality over the long term,” a fan wrote back. “Your parental response is so important for your son’s future sense of self esteem and general mental health. I wish my parents had responded like you.”

“Parenting done right. Speaking from personal experience, the relief when you come out and you are accepted is huge, it’s like a massive weight being lifted off your shoulders. Thank you,” another replied.

A third said: “You are great example and your son is lucky to have you as his parent. Unconditional love at its best.”

“I’m glad he loves, trusts and respect you enough to know he can share this with you and not feel he has to be someone he’s not. Proud of you for raising him to be so self aware and proud of him for being open. Good news all round,” a fourth tweeted, while another simple wrote: “Excellent Dadding.”

The father shared his acceptance on Twitter to urge more families to talk openly about sexuality.

Later, Jack explained that his son’s partner is “is Pakistani and can’t tell his family about his relationship,” and that it’s a “shame” that his son feels like a secret.

“This has been an incredible and interesting thread,” he added, before encouraging more discussion surrounding “how parents deal with this so that young people have the confidence to be themselves and not hide their feelings.”

“Genuinely touched and moved by all your lovely comments! It was such a positive experience for us I wanted to share it. I hope that others will do the same,” the senior lecturer and healthcare researcher concluded.