Ann Widdecombe, who thinks homosexuality can be cured, confronted on live TV for ‘peddling’ hate

Ann Widdecombe, the Brexit party member who thinks homosexuality can be “cured”, was confronted live on TV by a man who accused her of “peddling hate”.

Widdecombe was speaking on Channel 5’s Brexit debate on October 16. She raised the subject of “project fear” in relation to the Brexit debate.

She was then taken to task by a member of the audience who voted to Remain – and he didn’t mince his words.

“Let’s just talk about project fear for the moment,” he said.

“On breakfast television the other day a British paratrooper from the Second World War, 100 years old, he just said how frightened he was by Brexit. Social media was then alive with people calling him a traitor.

“The go-to word of the likes of the Brexit party is ‘traitor’. This country is being torn apart by intolerance…”

Host Jeremy Vine pointed out that Widdecombe hadn’t said ‘traitor’ while on the show (although she has used the word ‘betrayal’ to describe those opposing Brexit). Widdecombe repeatedly interrupted the man, denying that she would use that word about a centenarian.

The man replied: “She’s used plenty of words in the European parliament, comparing us to slaves.” Widdecombe attempted to respond, but the man wasn’t done.

“This country’s been torn apart by fear, by resentment, by intolerance. I don’t recognise this country anymore.

“Because of the hate that you peddle. The hate.”

Widdecombe refused to address this point, instead condemning the politicians who have “handicapped the country” by taking No Deal off the table.

The former Conservative is known for her strong anti-LGBT+ stance, and during her time as an MP from 1987 until 2010 she voted against LGBT rights repeatedly.

The ‘hate’ that Widdecombe has peddled includes the promotion of gay ‘conversion’ therapy on the basis that “science may yet produce” a cure for homosexuality, and describing tolerance of transgender people as “lunacy”.

She has also backed businesses who refuse to serve gay customers.