Charli XCX fangirling over a gay couple’s adorable proposal is, and we cannot stress this enough, gay rights

Charli XCX fangirled over this aggressively cute couple getting engaged in front of her. (Screen captures via Instagram)

In a scene so beautiful, so serene, so… gay that it should be hung up in the Louvre, pop icon Charli XCX fangirled over a gay couple getting engaged at a meet and greet in the US.

Corey Runyan popped the big question to his boyfriend Cory Murray at the House of Blues in Chicago.

The pair embraced, giggled and blushed in the presence of XCX who is stunned before gleefully saying: “I love you, guys!”

Charli XCX fangirls over adorable gay proposal.

Runyan and Murray both live in Pittsburgh with their Bernese Mountain dog Gus.

In a clip posted to Instagram, Murray lowered down on one knee, pops the plush box open and the ‘Boys’ singer’s eyes immediately widen.

Murray says yes, and the pair share a romantic kiss. Meanwhile, Charli is all kinds of wide-eyed adorable and joy and squeaks out: “Oh my god, guys! It’s amazing!” clapping adorably.


The happy couple – wearing matching neon-coloured hoodies – tint red as Charli says: “I love you, guys! I don’t know you, and I love you!”

Charli did give them a couple of early wedding gifts, too.

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Vroom vroom.

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They scored a picture with the superstar as well as Charli dedicating a special performance of ‘Official’ to them, fans on Twitter said.

Charli’s cute reaction to the couple has scored her some serious points with the LGBT+ community, especially as it comes a few weeks after she did what only a true ally would do.

Hold up a bottle of Rush-branded poppers and shout: “Gay rights!”

A meme which has become a rallying cry for people to say anything vaguely related to the queer community is an example of gay rights.

Did Chari XCX invent gay rights? We’re on the case.

‘Gay rights’?

In February, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz said, “Gay rights!” and changed LGBT+ Twitter for the better.

They walked the red carpet ahead of the British Academy Film Awards and, in-between posting for the paparazzi, a fan asked the nominated duo to shout: “Gay rights!” to their phone camera.

The slogan was actually part of a year-long trend on the worldwide web that all kicked off from a viral Snapchat screenshot that circulated last year of a Papa John’s pizza delivery man captioned: “Pizza man said f*** work.”

It then quickly became a meme – as that’s just how the internet works – and then soon birthed the meme: “Donkey Kong said trans rights!”

In other words, the “X is [anyone] said Y” has gone from pizza to Donkey Kong to poppers. Welcome to the internet.