Gay couple surprise each other by proposing at the exact same time in viral video that’ll restore your faith in love

A gay couple proposal, and a viral video has re-ignited people's belief in love. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Here is a quick check-list for reading this article on a gay proposal: tissues, tissues, a will to love, and more tissues.

For years, countless Twitter users have given up on the concept of love. Nothing but an invention by the greeting cards companies.

But a viral clip of a same-sex proposal has melted the glacial hearts of humanity, frozen after years of hearing about how gay marriage is the cause of bushfires, hurricane and other weather-related phenomena.

So, what is this video that’s going to restore my faith in humanity?

In the video, a queer couple share a kiss in front of a ferris wheel. People jostle down the stairs and glance as a guy in a patterned t-shirt fumbles with a small white box.

It’s a ring.

But as his boyfriend in orange shorts gasped, he looks in disbelief as his strolls towards his backpack.

He rummages around before pulling another white box.

Another ring.

His partner screams – shattering all records of the loudest sound ever recorded on Earth – as people around them audibly gasp at seeing the two plan their proposal at the same time.

The video ends with the pair embracing one another, but gay Twitter couldn’t help but wonder: “Who said yes?”

We, nay, the world, needs to know the answer to this.

Gay couple proposing at the same time collectively melts the hearts of Twitter.

Popping across timelines after a popular meme page shared it, the clip was retweeted nearly 7,000 times and liked by 37,000 users in less than a day.

In what became a moment so rare on Twitter – near universal agreement that maybe, just maybe, love isn’t dead – as users imploded into singularities of pure love heart emojis.

Although, not everyone could take this amount of aggressively adorableness:

While it is unclear who the gay couple are, it was the natural sequel to last year’s romance movie-t0-be of the year, when a lesbian couple both popped the question at the same time, too.

While visiting Memphis Zoo and Aquarium in the pair’s home state, Becky McCabe posed for a picture with her then-girlfriend Jessa Gillaspie before getting down on one knee and proposing.

Shocked, Gillaspie started jumping around before rummaging in her bag and pulling out a ring box – and revealing that she had wanted to ask McCabe to marry her during their day out too.

Seemingly, they both had the idea to hopefully kick off their engagement at the zoo, as that’s where they had shared their first date.