Drag Race UK queen Crystal did a shot every time she threw shade during this week’s episode and ended up ‘sloshed’

Drag Race UK Crystal coronavirus

With Crystal having flown under the Ru-dar for the first two weeks, it was the Canadian queen’s time to shine in this week’s episode of Drag Race UK, but her cockiness got her into trouble at a viewing party on Thursday night.

The third episode of Drag Race UK saw RuPaul set the queens their first-ever sewing challenge, as they were asked to look “posh on a penny” using materials from a car boot sale.

With a degree in costume design, Crystal took to the task like a drag queen to a pair of tucking panties, while certain competitors struggled with the basics of sewing.

With a clear advantage, she unleashed a shady side during her confessionals, taking aim at Vinegar Strokes’ “hodge podge” runway looks.

As the drama unfolded on-screen, Crystal watched on with a few dozen fans at her east London viewing party, where she took a shot for every sly comment.

Shady as they may have been, Crystal’s critiques were proven worthy when Vinegar’s car boot couture look was savaged by the judges.

The London-born queen found herself in the bottom two along with her newly-christened best friend Sum Ting Wong.

Meanwhile, Crystal was named one of the tops of the week after she brought it to the runway with a theatrical look made from curtains, wallpaper and a pair of beach balls.

But ultimately it was Divina De Campo who was crowned this week’s winner, having wowed guest judge Twiggy with her androgynous, avant garde laundry bag look.

After a sickening lip sync to Eurythmic’s ‘Would I Lie To You’ Vinegar was asked to sashay away, leaving just seven queens in the competition.

Next week’s episode will bring the eagerly-awaited Snatch Game, which as the trailer revealed, includes what could be the “best character ever”.