Drag Race UK’s car boot week was a straight up car shoot, and the internet loved it

Drag Race UK queens Baga Chipz and The Vivenne

Raven returned, RuPaul was read, and the queens got stuck into a sewing challenge on episode 3 of Drag Race UK.

With Scaredy Kat’s litter tray barely cold, the Drag Race UK queens returned to the runway for a new week, a new set of challenges, and a whole host of shade.

For the mini challenge RuPaul gave the queens 15 minutes to get into quick drag, which The Vivienne was not wasting a single second of.

The category was “genteel English rose”, which Blu interpreted with… whatever the hell this was.

To the delight of everyone RuPaul finally landed a pun, at the expense of noted Drag Race fan Theresa May.

After Cheryl Hole was crowned top of the maypole mini challenge, Ru welcomed on a very special guest to introduce the “car boot couture” maxi challenge.

RuPaul returned to the werk room to chat with the queens for the first – and after a sly read from Blu Hydrangea – possibly last time.

Ru got her own back, throwing serious shade towards Vinegar Stroke’s “hodge podge” aesthetic.

On the runway, The Vivienne gave her best video tape eleganza, which felt eerily familiar to Mighty Boosh fans.

Divina de Campo served up David Bowie doing a laundry run realness, and was awarded this week’s Ru Peter badge.

Back in the werk room, Baga Chipz revealed that her hot glue wonder had left her sticky in all the wrong places.

But after the judge’s critiques Vinegar suffered a premature elimination, and was asked to sashay away.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues on Thursdays on BBC iPlayer.