Drag Race UK’s Danny Beard confirms future of spin-off series The After Shave

Danny Beard, winner of season four of Drag Race UK, has confirmed that their Drag Race spinoff show, The After Shave, won’t be returning to recap season six of the franchise.

Since The Vivienne took the inaugural crown of the first ever international spinoff of RuPaul’s Drag Race hosted by Ru herself in 2019, four more queens have joined her in the hall of fame: Lawrence Chaney, Krystal Versace, Danny Beard and Ginger Johnson.

Instead of the prize money that comes with a crown on the US series or its All Stars versions, each UK winner has received their own TV series, as well the title of ‘The UK’s Next Drag Superstar’.

While Lawrence’s Tartan Around joined the queen of Scots on her voyage around California, and Krystal’s docuseries Keeping up with Krystal was a look at Versace’s drag family putting on a show, season four’s champ Danny Beard opted for The After Shave; a recap of each episode of Drag Race UK, season five.

Airing on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three, each episode interviewed the franchise’s weekly eliminated queen, and saw Danny and their guest chat lewks, challenges and drama.

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews ahead of their upcoming solo tour, Straight Expectations, BBC Radio 1 presenter Danny explained why the series won’t be coming back to recap season six, despite phenomenal fan reaction and streaming numbers.

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(Ben Ephgrave)

“Unfortunately, it’s not coming back for next season,” Danny tells PinkNews, before adding that, “because of the way commissioning works at BBC and because it was technically a prize for a show,” it hasn’t been able to be commissioned in time for the next series.

“It just boils down to the way it takes things to get commissioned at the BBC, it takes at least a year,” they say. “So that has to start now, which means we’ve already missed the next season’s already in the cam. So we’ve kind of missed it,” referring to season six of Drag Race UK.

The show ending is not, Danny assures us, because of a bad reception – quite the opposite.

Danny Beard
Danny Beard won Drag Race UK series four. (Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing via Getty)

“They got the final figures in like three weeks after it finished, and the figures were amazing. I don’t want to p*ss on anyone else’s chips, but they were the best figures for any winner’s show, ever.

Explaining why, Danny says: “I think Drag Race needs that need The After Shave, it needs that further discussion!”

In true creative fashion, Danny – who also tells us that the show was “fully my idea,” – reveals that they have big dreams for a possible After Shave ru-turn.

“It would be great if it could even be like a Big Brother: Late & Live, where [an] audience can get involved… and this isn’t to say it won’t come back in some form in the future – everyone’s still very excited by it, but unfortunately because of the way it was a prize and commissioning [works], means it won’t be back for season six.”

The After Shave is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Danny Beard’s upcoming solo Straight Expectations kicks off in September. Tickets and information are available here.

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