Lesbian’s skull cracked with an iron bar and her arms dislocated after Ugandan doctor discovers her sexuality

After discovering she is a lesbian, a Ugandan doctor allegedly pummelled his patient with an iron bar. (Twitter)

A Ugandan doctor allegedly shattered a patient’s skull, arms, legs and back with an iron bar and then threw her out of the hospital, all because she is lesbian.

The patient was attacked in August this year in Kampala, the country’s capital, where the medical professional brutally battered her after finding out she is friends with his daughter.

Enraged, the doctor ordered security to give him an iron bar which he then used to pelt the woman’s head, arms, legs, and back, local outlets reported.

Patient went in to purchase glasses, left with her body and mobile phone shattered. 

According to a statement recorded at Kabalagala Police Station, the patient had gone to consult an eye specialist at Mukwaya General Hospital in the Kabalagala neighbourhood, a vibrant business hub dotted with commercial banks, restaurants and fuel stations.

A friend had advised her to visit Dr Mukwaya at the clinic because purchasing a pair of glasses would be cheaper at the hospital than at a nearby opticians, where she first had an examination.

Arriving for her appointment, Mukwaya asked which friend told her to visit his facility. She gave a name, which happened to be his daughter who is a nurse at the hospital, the statement read.

Mukwaya General Hospital in the Kabalagala neighbourhood, known for its vibrant restaurant scene and high-end supermarkets. (PinkNews)

Mukwaya General Hospital in the southeastern Kabalagala neighbourhood, known for its vibrant restaurant scene and high-end supermarkets. (PinkNews)

This prompted the healthcare professional to allegedly ask a hospital security officer to give him an iron bar which he swung into the woman’s head and several other parts of her body.

Her phone was also cracked during the assault, detectives reported.

The alleged assault left her, according to medical records and X-ray results, with a “tender” skull and her arm dislocated as a result of the brutal beating.

An examination at the Mayfair Clinic along Entebbe Road concluded that the woman’s skull had been cracked. Her condition is unknown.

Erasing 76 Crimes reached out to the doctor of comment, but he did not reply. While an anonymous source informed PinkNews that they reported the incident to the local authorities, who confirmed the incident is under investigation.

LGBT+ Ugandans are ‘suffering because of our sexuality’.

The assault comes at a heated and dangerous times for Uganda’s LGBT+ community, often shunned by their loved ones and forced to flee to nearby refugee camps in the landlocked country.

In a turbulent time, queer Ugandans found their lives on the line as lawmakers allegedly considered – and then u-turned – on re-introducing the controversial ‘Kill the Gays’ bill.

The legislation would have enforced the death penalty for gay sex, as well as intensified the current penal code, which enforces life imprisonment.

Moreover, the government’s security minister called LGBT+ “terrorists”and a gay activist died after his skull was pierced with machetes in a homophobic attack in his home.

Change in Africa has been spotty and sluggish, where pro-LGBT legislation goes vastly against the dominant current, activists argue.

This year, Botswana overturned its federal ban on homosexuality just weeks before Kenyan courts called to uphold them.

The two judicial judgments underscore the vast differences in Africa when it comes to LGBT+ people, where colonial histories and present day world-views collide and clash.