No, McDonald’s is not replacing Happy Meals with Rainbow Meals

McDonald’s Happy Meals will not be replaced with ‘Rainbow’ Meals, fact-checking website Snopes has confirmed.

A satirical article posted by website Taters Gonna Tate claimed that “McDonald’s New LGBTQ ‘Rainbow Meal’ Will Replace Kid’s Happy Meal”.

While the claim was humorous, as Snopes notes, humorous and satirical articles have always been included in their fact-checking endeavours because, on the internet, someone always asks if it’s true.

The original claim stated that: “McDonald’s has pledged support for the LGBTQ community and are showing this through a new ‘Rainbow Menu’ in which rainbow designs will adorn packaging and proceeds will go to rights charities for alternative lifestyles. The Rainbow Meal will replace the already popular kid’s Happy Meal on the menu board.”

And the claim included a “statement” from a McDonald’s spokesperson, one José Barone, who said: “McDonald’s is committed to standing with the gay community and supporting equality for all. It is now publicly proclaimed and and will be colourfully shown in our arches redesign and on our menu creations.”

The Snopes review of this claim goes: “This item was not a factual recounting of real-life events. The article originated with a website that describes its output as being humorous or satirical in nature.”

While fact-checking satirical claims may seem a stretch to some, the LGBT+ community can be quick to support companies that seem to be supporting them – and companies know this. That’s why Kellogg’s will release a “gay” cereal and why every corporation in the world turns into a glittery rainbow for Pride month.

Equally, anti-LGBT+ people can be quick to boycott those companies who express support for LGBT+ rights. Just look at the Mumsnet users’ boycott of the Co-op supermarket in the UK, after Co-op ran adverts for strawberries featuring a trans woman.

With the protests by some parents against LGBT+ inclusive relationships education being taught in UK schools, it’s hard to overstate the potential fuss that could have ensued if McDonald’s started offering children “Rainbow Meals”.

But it isn’t.