Two gay black servicemen brutally beaten in nightclub for twerking and acting ‘too gay’

Two gay men were violently assaulted in a an attack in a nightclub in Croatia.

Two gay black US servicemen were violently assaulted in a nightclub in Croatia last weekend because they were acting “too gay”.

Ny’Zavian Dozier, 24, and Keith D Rowe, 25, were set upon by a group of 8-10 men in the nightclub and were left with non-life-threatening injuries.

Both men serve in the US Air Force and are stationed in Germany, but decided to take a short trip to Croatia.

According to The Voice of Croatia, it is thought that the men were targeted in the nightclub because they were “twerking” and “acting gay”.

Gay men’s attackers had no intention of letting them ‘walk away alive’.

Writing on Facebook, Dozier said the incident was one of the “scariest moments” of his life.

“These guys had every intention of not letting us walk away alive,” he wrote.

“I have never felt so defenceless in my entire life. I truly couldn’t protect my friend.

“A trip that started so beautiful ended up in such a horrible way but I’m grateful that my friend and I are alive!

“Few bumps and bruises but we’ll be OK,” he added.

I have never felt so defenceless in my entire life. I truly couldn’t protect my friend.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident – but are apparently treating it as “a misdemeanour offence” rather than a hate crime.

A police statement said officers were called to the nightclub after 3am with a report that a fight had broken out between a number of men.

The attack has been widely condemned.

“Upon entering the field, it was determined that the men, American citizens, ‘danced a little more vigorously’ and that annoyed these men who attacked them.”

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Zagreb condemned the attack.

“The well-being and security of US citizens abroad is one of the State Department’s top priorities,” the statement read.

“The embassy is ready to provide appropriate assistance to American citizens in need and their families.”

The nightclub’s co-owner Pijerino Bebic said that the two men had been in the establishment the night before and there had been no issue. When the fight broke out security on site intervened and police were called.

“It is in no way a reflection of the club Opera, Zadar or Croatia as a tourism destination,” he said.