Harry Styles announced his new album with a cryptic tweet and fans think it’s about trans rights

At 5.47pm on November 3, Harry Styles asked his fans a question: Do you know who you are?

The tweet, since liked almost a quarter of a million times, linked to a website that – if you told it your name – answered the question with a similarly cryptic answer.

At first, everyone seemed to get the same response: “You are patiently waiting for something to happen. TPWK. Love, H.”

(TPWK, for those not submerged in Harry Styles’ story, is a reference to the merch line from his first solo tour. It stands for “treat people with kindness”.)

Later, the answer changed: “You are a fine line. TPWK. Love, H.”

Twitter went into a meltdown, obviously, over what this meant – there was a lot more to go on than that time Harry tweeted “Do” and sent everyone into hysterics (that “Do” makes more sense now, potentially, as Bustle points out – posters with ‘Do You Know Who You Are’ on them were spotted in Australia around a month ago, which is when the website doyouknowwhoyouare.com launched and when Harry tweeted the two letters) – especially as his bisexual anthem ‘Lights Up’ came out a few weeks ago.

For almost 24 hours, Harry Styles remained enigmatically silent. And then what fans have spent more than two years waiting impatiently for finally happened: he dropped the name and release date of his second album.

Immediately, Harry fans went into a second and even more dramatic meltdown. Did Harry Styles just say trans rights? Pretty much all of the information we have points to this being the case.

First up, the picture. Not only is the pink, white and blue background a mirror image of the trans flag, Harry is dressed in pink and white, with blue and pink nails. The colour scheme is incontrovertibly a theme.

Second, he’s said trans rights before.

Third, the picture plus his upcoming double gig on Saturday Night Live, also announced – this time with Post-It notes – in the iconic pink, white and blue shades of the trans flag.


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So, yes: on the basis of all available evidence, Harry Styles said trans rights when he told us the release date for his next album.