Karamo Brown U-turns on relationship with Sean Spicer, really wants you to know there’s definitely ‘no friendship’

Karamo Brown and Sean Spicer

Karamo Brown has changed his mind about having Sean Spicer as a “friend”, saying he was only being “nice” to the former White House press secretary.

The are-they-aren’t-they friendship saga has been going on since August when Brown called Spicer “a good guy” and “really sweet”.

The Queer Eye star received so much backlash for his comments about his fellow Dancing with the Stars contestant and former White House press secretary, who represented an administration that has continually attacked LGBT+ rights, that he deleted his Twitter account.

According to People, after his Dancing with the Stars elimination Brown said: “Sean is literally someone who I would’ve never thought I could be friends with, and I’m going to walk away from here calling him a friend.”

But appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday November 6, Karamo Brown seemed to have changed his mind about their relationship.

Speaking about the hate received for his comments on Spicer, Brown told host Andy Cohen the backlash was “because I was nice to Sean Spicer. But there was no friendship.”

He continued: “I was just saying that, if we’re going to be on the same show, I’m going to have a respectful conversation with someone who’s different from me.

“People were like, ‘How dare you? Oh my gosh.’ And I was like, if you’ve never seen me on television, I’m always going to be the person to build a bridge.”

He also called Spicer a “bad dancer”, despite telling People he thought his “friend” was “exceptional”.

He told Cohen: “He can’t dance, that’s literally what it is. But it’s also fan vote.

“And Middle America watches the show and they vote for him. And also our president, who should be doing other stuff, has been tweeting ‘vote for the man’.”

People editor-in-chief Tomás Mier wrote on Twitter: “Remember when Karamo lied to me.”