Queer Eye star Karamo Brown calls off wedding to boyfriend of 10 years after quarantine engagement

Karamo Brown and Ian Jordan attend Family Equality Council's Impact Awards at The Globe Theatre

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown has revealed that he and his boyfriend of 10 years have broken up and called off their wedding.

Brown, 39, who serves as culture expert on the hit Netflix reboot, was with boyfriend Ian Jordan for eight years when the pair got engaged in May 2018.

Speaking to guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday (25 September), Brown revealed that he and Jordan decided to go their separate ways earlier this year.

When asked about his wedding, Brown confirmed that it was initially postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic – but he said it has since been “postponed officially”.

“My fiancé and I, we were together for 10 years, and we broke up about three and a half months ago,” Brown said.

“We were distracted by so much – with the kids, and our careers – that during that time, I had to really say, how is our communication? How are other parts of our lives? Are we growing in the same place?”

Karamo Brown and his fiancé Ian Jordan parted ways after trying relationship counselling.

He continued: “We’re not 20 anymore, so it wasn’t just, ‘Oh, I’m not going to text you anymore’ – it was like, we have a family and a home. How do we separate this? And it was hard. We went to virtual counselling, we did a lot of things.

“But eventually I was like, this is a moment where I need to decide, is my happiness important? And once I made that decision, I said, you know, we are going to have to break up.”

How do we separate this? And it was hard. We went to virtual counselling, we did a lot of things.

Brown said that there was “luckily no cheating” involved in the breakdown of their relationship, and said they are still “good friends”.

“It’s very nice when it’s like, ‘I still love you and support you.’ I want him to be happy, he wants me to be happy. But yeah, no more wedding, so if y’all got any friends…!” he joked, before saying he is “not ready” to enter into a new relationship just yet.

The Queer Eye star proposed to his ex-boyfriend for a second time during coronavirus quarantine.

The news comes just months after Brown revealed that he proposed to Jordan for a second time during coronavirus quarantine after “falling even deeper in love”.

In an Instagram post in May, Brown said he proposed to Jordan during his surprise 40th birthday party after their wedding was halted by the pandemic.

“During this quarantine, I have fallen even deeper in love with my fiancé Ian Jordan.

“So, on his birthday – which is also our anniversary – I proposed again. Our wedding has been cancelled/postponed like so many other people but I still wanted to celebrate our love.

“I love you, Sugah!” he added.