Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown is ready to marry boyfriend Carlos Medel: ‘My biological clock is ticking!’

Karamo Brown (L) with partner Carlos Medel (R).

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown has revealed that he is ready to take the next step with his partner of two years, photographer Carlos Medel.

The reality star, 42, who hosts the NBCUniversal talk show Karamo, told Page Six on Sunday (2 April): “My biological clock is ticking.”

“I’m trying not to be the boyfriend that pressures while also dropping hints,” he laughed.

Brown split with his fiancé and partner of 10 years, Ian Jordan, during the pandemic in 2020 and after that, sparks flew with Medel.

Initially taking to Tinder after his breakup, he soon deleted the app and met Mendel by chance over Instagram, after “accidentally” liking a photo.

Karamo Brown and Carlos Medel attend the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 31st Annual Academy Awards viewing party on 12 March 2023 (Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation)

He said in August 2021: “I was looking at beauty things. I like to watch makeup and hair things because they relax me, even though I’m bald and he’s a beauty photographer.

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“So he shoots the make-up for Kylie Cosmetics, all these big brands. I saw his and it was like, these are some beautiful shots and I accidentally clicked a photo. He saw it and said, thank you for liking my work and that’s how we met.”

And now Brown is joking about being ready to hear those wedding bells ring.

Karamo was about to walk down the aisle with his partner of 10 years and fiancé Ian Jordan before they separated.

“In the therapy, it just became abundantly clear to me that we weren’t aligned,” he explained to Page Six.

“There are some things we need to work on, and we weren’t able to work them out and I was willing to, but it just didn’t work.”

However, it seems things are looking good for Medel and Brown as he said their relationship is stronger than ever. “Now we’re at a place where with my new partner, we’re not having any issues. Things are great.”

Brown’s professional life is also thriving as alongside his eponymously named talk show, he is one of the five hosts of Netflix’s hit reboot of Queer Eye. The lifestyle makeover show is currently filming its seventh season.

“None of us in any of the seasons are looking for fame,” he explained, “we really, every episode, come together, the five of us, and sit down and say, ‘How do we help them?’ We get immersed in them…I think people saw that we were genuinely wanting to help.”

He is also the proud father to two sons. Last year he and his son Jason opened up about Jason coming out as pansexual.

“When he let me into his life [about his pansexuality], I immediately thought, ‘Oh, here we go. Now I’m going to have to defend this’,” Brown told The Advocate.

While Jason added: “We have such a good connection of communication and I never hide anything from my dad, so when he heard this – and he was not the first person to hear this – I could sense that it kind of hurt him, and that’s why it transferred to a little bit of frustration.

“I should have just been real with my father.”