The new Cats trailer features a furry naked Idris Elba and it’s safe to say people are conflicted

Idris Elba as a naked, furry cat in Cats

Four months after the Cats trailer united the internet in horror, a second clip has arrived with a naked Idris Elba.

When Cats dropped its first trailer back in July, the sight of Taylor Swift, Judi Dench and Jennifer Hudson transmogrified into “miniature yet huge cats with human celebrity faces and sexy breasts” left viewers baffled and terrified.

With reviews for that clip almost unanimously negative, the second trailer had big paw prints to fill – and we’re here to report that it succeeded.

Rather than steering away from its controversial “digital fur technology,” the second trailer leaned into the madness, introducing a completely naked, fur-covered Idris Elba.

The sight of the actor, who was named People magazine’s sexiest man alive 2018, in such a state left fans feeling thirsty, confused and hurt.

Overall, the consensus was that the second Cats trailer is just as bizarre as the first one.

In the run-up to the new trailer’s release, a queer filmmaker had a surprising exchange with the “unknown gay who runs the official Twitter account”.

It seems that whoever is behind the account was keenly watching Harry Styles’ recent Saturday Night Live skit in which he played a gay social media intern, copying his “must get rid of toxic in the community” line.