Kim Petras slams anti-trans and sexist views, dubbing them ‘the plague of this planet’

The singer isn't afraid to speak her mind and support the LGBTQ+ community and women's rights. (Getty)

Kim Petras has spoken out against anti-trans and sexist views, calling them “the plague of this planet”. 

One thing about Petras is that she’ll always speak her mind in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and that’s exactly what she did in a recent interview about her new album, Slut Pop Miami.

Speaking to the BBC about her latest EP, released on 14 February. The album discusses themes of sex-positivity and LGBTQ+ inclusivity in several of its tracks, with the singer telling the outlet that it’s something she feels “strongly about”. 

“I’ve always been surrounded by incredible women,” she began. “Even at school, the people who stood up for me and understood my condition were female,” she said. 

The Grammy award-winner went on to reject anti-trans and sexist policies which have been seen in the US with drag bans and anti-trans bills, to the UK government’s alarming school guidance on teaching trans pupils, and Rishi Sunak’s apparent disregard for murdered trans teen Brianna Ghee

“I think men’s desire to control women’s bodies has been the plague of this planet forever,” she said. “It very much goes hand in hand with being transgender. The people who wanted to forbid me to transition are the same ones who want to forbid women to have abortions or have sex and even make money from it.”

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Petras went on to credit Madonna for her work in Erotica (1992) and her book Sex, which she noted was “misunderstood…as just filth”. 

“But female sexuality isn’t filth, and shouldn’t be written off like that. Neither is trans-feminine sexuality or anyone’s sexuality. I think everyone should be equal.

“That’s not to say Slut Pop [Miami] is a big political statement. It’s supposed to just be fun, but the conversation it stirs up is a good thing.”

Petras has previously been vocal about the anti-trans rhetoric in poltics, telling Entertainment Weekly she is “extremely alarmed by it”. 

“Trans people have always been used to outrage people, but you have to remember that we’re only one percent of the population.”

Continuing, Petras reflected on her childhood, noting that though “everyone would call [her] crazy,” as a young trans person, being trans “wasn’t so publicly demonised”.

She added: “It’s scary for all of us who just want to live a normal life.”

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