The iconic lesbian goth brides whose wedding photos went viral are now expecting a child

Lesbian goth brides

The tattooed lesbian goth brides whose incredible wedding photos went viral earlier this year have announced that they are expecting their first child.

Ivy and Terry Rebel, from Portland, Oregon, married in May in a gorgeously gothic ceremony officiated by a top hat-wearing justice of the peace – who happened to be the father of one of the brides.

Both brides wowed the internet in their all-black wedding dresses after tattoo magazine Inked published a selection of photos in honour of Pride month.

And the good news keeps coming – the newlyweds have now announced that they’ll be welcoming their first child, a baby girl, in March 2020.

Ivy told Inked that she is carrying the child, which was conceived via Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

“We planned to start the process of having a baby after we got married. So that year, I did a lot of research and prepared myself and body the best I could,” she said.

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“I expected the IUI to work but expected it to be a six month or longer process. We were both very shocked when it worked the first time but were grateful and excited. I ended up getting the IUI on my birthday which felt very magical and it was the best birthday present ever.”

Unfortunately it’s been a difficult pregnancy for Ivy as she is struggling with hyperemesis, which causes months-long morning sickness. But the couple say it’ll all be worth it when their daughter arrives.

“I’m looking forward to reliving all of my favourite childhood memories,” Terry said. “I’m excited to have a child who looks up to me, so I can teach her to be the most amazing human.”

They’re keen to share their pregnancy with the world to show that same-sex parenting is no different from heterosexual parenting.

“It’s really important to show the world that love is what makes a family, and love has no gender,” Ivy said.

“We receive a lot of hate and people get very confused seeing LGBTQ parents, so it’s important to show them that we are just like every other happy family. The more LGBTQ families are represented the more normal it becomes.

“The only way to make a change is to be confident and stand up for what you believe in, LGBTQ parents shouldn’t have to keep their lives or their family a secret any longer.”

If their daughter turns out to be half as cool as her parents, we think she’ll be just fine.

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