Professional troll and sometimes-singer Lady Gaga is at it again, sparking hysteria by tweeting about ‘spatchcock’

Lady Gaga at the Met Gala holding an analogue phone

Is Lady Gaga launching a new album? A cook book? An operatic rumination on Thanksgiving’s colonial origins?

Fans of the ‘John Wayne’ singer were left asking all of these questions and more after she tweeted a single word on Thursday morning: “Spatchcock.”

In recent weeks and months, Gaga seems to have committed herself to a life of trolling her fans, whipping followers into a frenzy with a series of single-word – or sometimes single-letter – tweets, and claiming that she “doesn’t remember” a fan favourite album.

Continuing in this vein, Gaga’s Little Monsters spent their Thanksgiving morning trying to decipher her tweet.

With some performing truly impressive feats of logic.

And doing… whatever this is.

Some thought Lady Gaga might be turning her hand to cookery.

Naturally, a few saltier fans took the opportunity to drag her old rival Lana Del Rey.

But ultimately, the best take came from Lady Gaga herself.