Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour bee costume sparks wild fan theory about Telephone: Part II

Beyoncé's bee costume has sparked a wild fan theory about "Telephone: Part Two"

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour features the Queen Bee dressed up as just that – and fans have taken the prompt to spin a theory about the long-rumoured “Telephone: Part Two” collab with Lady Gaga.

Cast your minds back to 2009. Miley Cyrus had just released “Party in the USA” at the age of 16, Glee and Modern Family aired their pilots, and Grindr was the hot new app on the block.

It was the golden era, some would say – topped off by pop titans Beyoncé and Lady Gaga releasing the cultural touchstone that is “Telephone”.

The music video for song ended with Gaga and Beyoncé speeding away from the scene of a crime with the words “To Be Continued” splashed across the screen – and we’re still waiting, years later.

Flash forward 14 years, and Beyoncé has opened the Renaissance World Tour in Stockholm, Sweden, to rapturous reviews and an outpouring of love, specifically from the LGBTQ+ community.

She even, in a “deeply unserious” segment, dressed up as a “c**ty news bee” to sing “America Has a Problem”.

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The costume, designed by Mugler, has been compared to mother monster‘s Mugler-inspired bug costume from the recent Chromatica Ball.

But what does that have to do with the pop classic, “Telephone”, we hear you ask. Well, that comparison is exactly what has sparked the wild theory about part two.

A graphic on Twitter of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, both in their creepy crawly-esque outfits, has prompted the idea of “Telephone: Insect Edition” – and the gays have lost it.

The graphic has opened the floodgates for renewed calls for “Telephone: Part Two”, bug/ bee version or not.

“We need the end of the story,” one fan wrote succinctly.

Another said: “I low-key hope this a sign that something will happen, or at least the online reaction motivates them to reach out to each other and make something happen.”

A third added: “They need to give us the part two they promised us.”

And one wit wrote: “For us to never get them two to perform this live is kinda buggin’ me.”

Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour is her queerest yet, with nods to the Black, queer and trans communities, with gender-neutral toilets, a giant progress Pride backdrop and vogue dancers to boot.

Beyoncé will perform next in Belgium on 14 May, before jetting into the UK, then head for the United States and Canada.

Fans can get their hands on remaining tickets from and

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