Being the ‘gay cousin’ at Thanksgiving is a lot of work, the internet says

A giant Turkey float in the Thanksgiving parade

With countless LGBT+ people headed home for Thanksgiving, the internet is groaning under the weight of America’s “gay cousins” letting off steam.

For those who aren’t lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with chosen family, the holidays can often be a difficult period.

It’s a sad reality that for many, Turkey Day means having to break bread with undesirable relatives.

Casual – or in some cases overt – homophobia aside, going home for the Thanksgiving presents a whole host of problems specific to the queer community.

Some feel the need to hide their true selves at Thanksgiving.

Though others are fortunate enough to be able to express themselves freely.

As the internet reminds us, not all families are terrible.

And even if they are, it doesn’t take away from your own identity.