BBC’s new Dracula is ‘bi-homicidal’ not bisexual. Yes, really

Claes Bang as Dracula, who was described by the show's co-writer as "bi-homicidal". (Screen capture via YouTube)

As countless viewers prepare to tune into BBC One on New Year’s Day to watch Dracula, PinkNews just wanted to run a short public service announcement that the count is not bisexual.

He is, according to the series’ co-writer Steven Moffat, “bi-homicidal”.

Imagine how tired we are.

‘Dracula has always fed off men and women,’ says Steve Moffat.

With gay Sherlock co-writer Mark Gatiss also at the helm, the adaptation of the Bram Stoker 1897 classic has been immersed in fan speculation about the head vampire himself’s sexuality.

Chiefly, that he might be bisexual.

Moffat told The Times, however, that it is not quite accurate to describe Bang’s Dracula as bisexual.

“He’s bi-homicidal, it’s not the same thing,” said Moffat.

“He’s killing them, not dating them.”

Moreover, Moffat told The Telegraph: “He’s not actually having sex with anyone. He’s drinking their blood.

“You might need to delete your Tinder if that is what you think. Dracula has always fed off men and women.”

Bi rights… maybe? We’re really not sure, to be honest.

While sex scenes do not appear in the original novel, he did sink his teeth into both men and women as well as subsequent interpretations on the silver and small screens.

‘Retweet if you bi-homicidal’.

But the apparent swerve has left some Twitter users ticked off.

As one user wrote: “This is genuinely the funniest homophobic sentence I’ve read in ages.”

Does the B stand for bi-homicidal now, or⸮

Nevertheless, LGBT+ Twitter did what they do best: meme the pain caused by the near perpetual erasure of their existences in media: