A 19-year-old trans woman was stabbed in the head after heated argument with fellow sex worker

Kendall, a trans sex worker based in Bogotá, was killed by a colleague. (Facebook)

Lying on a street bleeding from a fatal stabbing to the head for more than 45 minutes, an ambulance never arrived for a 19-year-old trans woman in Colombia.

Passersby and business owners rushed to order her a cab after the teen was stabbed in the head during a heated argument with a colleague last week, local media reported.

But Kendall died shortly after in the streets of Bogotá, the country’s bustling capital. 

What happened?

Originally from Venezuela, Kendall was a sex worker herself who, on December 20, was escorting a client to the bathroom in a building in the La Favourita neighbourhood of Santa Fé, a locality in Bogotá.

But on her way, Kendall tripped over a colleague, witnesses and relatives claimed, causing the two to have a violent altercation.

Kendall was reportedly killed by a fellow sex worker in the Santa Fé locality of Bogotá, Colombia. (PinkNews)

Kendall was reportedly killed by a fellow sex worker in the Santa Fé locality of Bogotá, Colombia. (PinkNews)

Some witnesses alleged that the attack was motivated by the colleague’s apparent jealousy, being that Kendall’s client was also a client of the colleague.

The brawl ended, however, after the colleague stabbed Kendall fatally in the head.

Witnesses claimed that Kendall was still alive as the owner of a local business took her outside and called local emergency services.

She was lying on the floor for 45 minutes but no ambulance arrived, leading to Kendall’s companions calling her a cab to take her to Santa Clara Hospital.

Yet she was admitted to the hospital with no vital signs and was shortly after declared deceased.

Spree of anti-trans violence continues to pelt Colombia. 

Kendall’s passing comes only a few weeks after two trans women were killed in just two days.

Jerrika Rivas Ruíz was found allegedly murdered in the Los Mártires neighbourhood of Bogotá on November 16.

While Uber Agudelo Meléndez – called La Popis by loved ones – was found in Valle de Cauca the following day, local media reported.

She had bricks chucked at her before being brutally stabbed, witnesses claimed.