Todrick Hall reveals advice Taylor Swift and RuPaul gave after allegations of not paying workers

Todrick Hall with Taylor Swift and RuPaul

Singer, choreographer and esteemed name-dropper Todrick Hall said he turned to his close friends Taylor Swift and RuPaul when faced with a series of unedifying allegations.

Hall addressed a number of allegations made in 2019, in which collaborators claimed that they hadn’t been paid for working on his projects.

Responding to one claim on Twitter, Hall said that any delayed payments were due to his busy tour schedule.

In a new interview with Attitude, he hit back at such claims and said that his fans know his “heart and integrity, and they know what type of person I am”.

Taylor Swift was the only person Todrick Hall could talk to.

The star, soon to appear on BBC One’s The Greatest Dancer, said that he turned to his friend Taylor Swift for advice on how to deal with the stress.

“When I called Taylor, I said: ‘I’m so sorry to be bothering you, I know you’re probably busy, but you’re the only person who I can talk to,'” he explained.

“She was like: ‘Todrick, I know why because I’m a professional at dealing with these situations. People have been trying to cancel me for a long time.'”

In the same interview, Hall said that he was initially “apprehensive” about sharing his sexuality with Swift, worries he said were baseless.

RuPaul couldn’t come to the phone right now, so he texted instead.

During the storm of controversy, Hall said that he also received a message of support from RuPaul.

He told Attitude that he hadn’t read the texts to anybody – until then.

He confided: “When I wanted to go out and defend myself and say: ‘This is not true, this is not what happened, this is just a completely fabricated part of the story,’ Ru said: ‘Trust me, this will blow over, they aimed at you because you’re kind-hearted and socially conscious. They knew they’d get a reaction out of you and affect you.

“‘Most people suspect that they don’t really exist unless they’re affecting someone else. The only way they can feel themselves is through other people’s feelings, good, bad or otherwise. Hear this – when your action’s coming from a place of love, never worry about how it is perceived by others, know that your intention is love and nothing is wrong with that.'”

The Drag Race icon reportedly signed off the message “XO, Mom.”

PinkNews has contacted Todrick Hall’s representatives for comment.