Boy George slammed as ‘transphobic’ after mocking pronouns as a ‘modern form of attention seeking’

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Singer Boy George has barrelled back into relevancy after saying that use of pronouns is a “modern form of attention seeking”.

The Culture Club singer’s tweets quickly became a lightning rod for criticism from LGBT+ circles, with countless trans and gender-diverse folk slamming the star while his words attracted support from gender-critical groups.

Simply specifying your pronouns, whether on a social media bio or to in an email signature, is a small act that helps encourage inclusivity and building solidarity with the trans community.

But George has kicked off the new decade with a take on pronouns labelled ‘transphobic’ by activists, coming after singer-songwriter Marc Almond faced similar accusations last year. George decried the claims the artist was transphobic as well as ripping into “all this PC stuff”.

Boy George: ‘Leave your pronoun’s at the door!’

On January 6, George for some reason tweeted: “Leave your [pronouns] at the door.”

The tweet proved provocative, with users clashing over its intended meaning as confusion turned to outrage with detractors denouncing the song-writer for targeting the trans community.

But he later responded to a critic’s since deleted tweet who asked the singer “Do you not know what the f**k pronouns are?” according to screenshots.

“A modern form of attention seeking?” George responded.

Backlash quickly bubbled, but before he responded, George criticised why vegans would purchase the meat-free burger from fast-food chain KFC and said he hopes he’s “an alien”.

In response to one fan who tersely tweeted “disappointing” at George’s take, the ‘Don’t Cry’ singer hit back: “Most things are! But being disappointed is the most disappointing.”

Moreover, another user asked George: “What does it take to show others respect by using their preferred pronouns?”

To which George responded: Thanks for that, but I have eyes and can mostly describe what I see!”

But trans folk and allies used their own eyes to describe what they could see: “Transphobia.”

Amid some users lobbying for the musician to be cancelled, some noted that the artist’s intention have been muddied, chalking up his wording to the singer’s sense of humour.

While the LGB Alliance, a controversial organisation regularly skewered for being anti-trans, backed George.

PinkNews reached out to Boy George’s management, who replied: “The concept of […] asking whether Boy George is transphobic is so stupid it doesn’t warrant a response.”