Eminem stans are still absolutely raging at Billy Eichner for his searing Oscars criticism

Eminem and Billy Eichner at the Oscars

Eminem fans are still attacking Billy Eichner after he criticised the rapper’s Oscars performance on Sunday, February 9.

Eminem made a surprise appearance at the Oscars to perform his 8 Mile track “Lose Yourself”, 17 years after it won Best Original Song.

Billy Eichner was among those disappointed at the rapper’s inclusion, given his history of homophobic lyrics.

“Well, you can still sing the word ‘faggot’ a million times and still perform at the Oscars that’s about ‘diversity’. Mmkay,” Eichner tweeted shortly after the performance.

Fans of Eminem – who literally invented the concept of stanning in his 2000 single, “Stan” – were less than pleased with Billy Eichner and his critique.

Some argued that Eminem has ‘shown growth’ in his work, presumably since the last time he used ‘faggot’ in his lyrics back in *checks notes* 2018.

Many pointed to the fact that Elton John is a close friend of the rapper’s as evidence that he isn’t homophobic.

At least one LGBT+ fan came to Eminem’s defence, arguing that there is a difference ‘between lyrics and reality’.

Some followers avoided the Eminem argument altogether, and use the opportunity to take a shot at the Oscars’ lack of diversity.

Eminem and Elton John reunited at the Oscars.

After his performance, Eminem was pictured backstage with his “Uncle” Elton John.

He congratulated the legendary singer on his Oscar success, after John took home Best Original Song for “I’m Gonna Love Me Again”, from the biopic Rocketman.

The pair have been unlikely friends since teaming up to perform “Stan” at the 2001 Grammys, with Eminem famously buying John and his now-husband David Furnish a pair of “diamond-encrusted c**k rings” to congratulate them on their 2005 civil union.