The Power Rangers just screamed ‘gay rights’ by officially coming out as Lady Gaga stans. Yes, really

Lady Gaga x Power Rangers? A surprisingly unambitious crossover, given the singer's new track "Stupid Love" look. (Twitter)

In a news story that can only be described as peak 2020, the Power Rangers have come out as a serious Lady Gaga stan account.

Good morning to whoever runs their social media and absolutely no one else.

The Power Rangers tweeted their undying devotion to Gaga on Wednesday. Tasked with protecting the Earth from intergalactic doom, the mighty morphing bunch are also out to protect the world from both devastation and from letting “Stupid Love” – Gaga’s first solo single in four years – flop.

Responding to one of the teasers Gaga tweeted about the then-impending music video drop, the Power Rangers account hit back: “Not sure if we should fight this monster for stan this monster.”

“Just consulted with Zordon,” the Rangers continued, “and we have no choice but to stan,”

Give this gay intern a raise.

‘Legends stanning legends’.

Their first tweet has tallied more than 2,400 retweets and is tipping over 14,000 likes. Many fans have joked about Gaga’s “Stupid Love” get-up resembling the pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Hart, whose suit had a heart-emblem on her chest in some editions of the programme.

“Legends stanning legends,” the account later said in light of their transformation from Power Rangers to Power Bottoms. “You love to see it.”

The rangers also quickly clarified that their tweet was in no way blasphemous towards Gaga.

But the account has since gone full-on Little Monster.

We’re not joking. This is a real thing happening in our existence.

The account has responded to a handful of Gaga’s tweets, such as when the singer declared that the “Earth is cancelled”.

Apparently, the account’s mentioned have exploded since they came out as a Lady Gaga fan.

“Guess you could say it was a perfect illusion,” they said on the topic, showing their refined knowledge of Gaga’s discography.

And when the moment the music dropped, causing a thousand gays to scream into the abyss, the Power Rangers, of course, had some thoughts on the video which sees Gaga and her arsenal dress vaguely like the superheroes from the Hasbro show.

“Tired: Go, go, Power Rangers,” the account tweeted.

“Wired: Gaga, Power Rangers.”