Grindr cannibal who ‘mutilated and ate the testicles’ of Kevin Bacon found too incompetent to stand trial

Grindr cannibal who ate testicles of Kevin Bacon too incompetent for trial

The Michigan man accused of killing 25-year-old Kevin Bacon – slain in a grisly Grindr date-turned cannibalistic murder – has failed his competency test.

Mark Latunski has been accused of murdering and mutilating the hairstylist on Christmas Eve in a chilling case that sent seismic shakes across the LGBT+ community.

In the ongoing saga, the 50-year-old’s legal counsel requested their client to undergo competency and forensic evaluations – which judges granted in January – and failed the examinations, according to court documents familiar to the Detroit Free Press.

What does it mean that Mark Latunski was found incompetent?

It means that Latunski will be unable to stand trial for the killing of Bacon.

Appearing at the 66th district court in Corunna via video link at 8.30am for the competency test, the documents said, Latunski was deemed unable to stand trial by physicians.

As a result, district court judge Ward Clarkson agreed to recommendations that Latunski be referred to the State of Michigan’s Foresenci Centre in Saline for treatment.

Across the next 15 months, clinicians will use a combined approach of counselling, medication and assessment to restore him to competent levels.

If deemed competent, he will face trial.

“What that means is everything is put on hold in regards to the trial while he gets treatment,” said Corwin.

What happened to Kevin Bacon?

Courts heard the grotesque details of how the married man of four killed, strung Bacon up by the ankles and cannibalised him.

His naked body was found days after his death on December 28.

Hanging lithely from the ceiling, investigators alleged Latunski stabbed Bacon in the back, slit his throat and devoured parts of his body, including his testicles.

When Bacon didn’t arrive at his parent’s place on Christmas Day, his family reported him missing, court transcripts stated.

Local law enforcement searched Latunski’s home after evidence indicated Bacon had been at the residence.