Lyra McKee’s mother tragically dies before her daughter’s murderer could be brought to justice

Lyra McKee mother

The mother of murdered gay journalist Lyra McKee has tragically died “of a broken heart”, her family say.

Joan Lawrie passed away in a Belfast hospital on Tuesday night, just weeks before the first anniversary of her youngest daughter’s death. According to the Belfast Telegraph, she never recovered from the loss.

The 29-year-old journalist was killed by a dissident republican gunman while reporting on riots that had broken out in Derry on April 18 last year. She was the main carer for her disabled mother, whose health deteriorated significantly after the murder.

Posting on social media, a family member said: “My wee mother-in-law passed away last night of a broken heart. Unable to live without her baby Lyra.

“My wee mother-in-law whom I loved with all my heart, I will love you to beyond eternity. Mother and daughter rest in forever peace.”

Writing on Facebook, Lyra’s older sister Nichola McKee Corner condemned the new IRA and directly blamed them for her mother’s death as well as Lyra’s.

“The b*****ds who murdered my baby sister should also be tried for the murder of my mother – they killed her the day they killed her precious baby girl,” she said.

“Mom, give our darling Lyra a huge hug and a million kisses from us. Love you both forever and always. My heart is comforted knowing that you are together again. Always in my heart.”

Lawrie passed away before her daughter’s killers could be brought to justice.

Four men aged 20, 27, 29 and 52, were arrested after the New IRA claimed responsibility for the death of Lyra McKee, and shortly after 52-year-old Paul McIntyre was charged with her murder.

Last week a high court judge backed a prosecution appeal and refused to grant McIntyre bail. Noting his potential risk of potential re-offending, she ruled that he must remain in custody while the trial continues.