Never mind coronavirus, this politician thinks a rainbow sticker will cause the collapse of humanity

Stacy Terry, the County Supervisor in Wythe County, Virginia

A politician in Virginia has attacked a school teacher for putting a rainbow sticker on her classroom door, claiming it is “indoctrination” that will spark “the collapse of humanity.”

Stacy Terry, the County Supervisor in Wythe County, Virginia, lashed out after a teacher at the local Rural Retreat High School put a rainbow sticker on her classroom door with the Spanish phrase “safe space” on it.

I’m not homophobic, says man freaking out over rainbow sticker

Taking to Facebook, the official preemptively insisted that he is “not homophobic or against anyone based on their sexual preferences” – before proceeding to freak out over a rainbow-coloured sticker at length.

In the post, Terry baselessly claimed that the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance was afforded extra privileges over a “prayer club” at the school.

He vented: “I am sick and tired of hearing folks hide behind tolerance and equality! My burning question is where is the tolerance and equality for Christianity and God?”

The lawmaker is very upset about this rainbow sticker

The lawmaker is very upset about this rainbow sticker

The politician continued: “We have a gay, lesbian, and transgender club in our schools! The photo on the right is of a classroom in one of our county high schools. It is a gay pride flag…. I want to know where the classroom is with a picture of a cross and Bible that says safe space? ”

He added: “Folks welcome to the collapse of humanity. we bend over backwards to support anti-biblical values in our school systems, while we fight with every last dying breath to keep God out.”

According to local outlet WSLS, the school’s superintendent has publicly rubbished Terry’s “prayer club” claims, emphasising that all clubs operate under the same rules.

Anti-LGBT comments spark protests at county board meeting

Terry’s comments sparked a backlash at a board meeting on Tuesday night – with students, family members and local LGBT+ people turning out to demand action against him.

However, board chairman Brian Vaught made clear that the board does not not have the power to remove or censure Terry.

After facing the significant backlash, the politician now claims his remarks were taken “out of context”.

He told the Roanoke Times: “I honestly think [the post] was taken completely out of context. I don’t hate anybody and I don’t dislike anybody. I have friends and family who live those lifestyles and I love them just the same.”

“I think it is wonderful that the teacher has this club and support group. I have no desire to see it stopped … I don’t want her to stop doing what she’s doing. All kids need to go to school, be educated and be in a safe learning environment.”