Jonathan Ross now claims he ‘supports’ trans women after blistering backlash from Graham Linehan endorsement

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross appears to have admitted he “supports” trans women in the face of fierce criticism from the British public.

Yesterday the former TV host tweeted in praise of Graham Linehan and his anti-trans crusade, referring to those who support trans rights as “tragically ill-informed”.

He wrote: “I struggle to understand the opinions of intelligent men I previously admired – Jon Ronson and Billy Bragg – that strike me as tragically ill-informed and depressingly self-aggrandising.

“I know you are paying a heavy price for this G, but I admire and applaud you.”

When a Twitter user said they had “a feeling that you may be deleting this at some point”, Ross doubled down by saying: “Well your feeling is wrong.”

Shortly after, Ross’ name was trending on Twitter as people condemned the former TV star for aligning himself with Linehan, who has previously compared doctors treating trans youth to Nazis experimenting on children in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Others pointed out that Graham Linehan isn’t the only “anti-trans” account he follows on Twitter: LGB Alliance, TransgenderTrend and ReSisters United UK & Ireland are all recent follows of his.

But by the end of Wednesday it seemed that Ross may have been cowed by the mounting criticism.

When the BBC content producer Mike P Williams asked him to clarify whether or not he believes trans women have a right to exist and be treated equally, he replied simply: “Agreed.”

Another Twitter user pressed him further, writing: “Does agreed mean you support trans women or not because it’s really not a clear answer.”

Ross sulkily typed: “I support trans women. Yes.”

PinkNews has contacted Jonathan Ross for comment. Again.